What diseases can be transmitted from dogs to humans?

Dogs can transmit several illnesses to humans, and these are known as zoonotic diseases. Close contact with household pets, including dogs, can lead to the spread of harmful germs and infections. Here are some of the possible illnesses that you might catch from your furry companion:

  1. Brucellosis: This bacterial disease can cause flu-like symptoms in humans. Although rare, it can be spread through contact with animals carrying the bacteria, including dogs. Symptoms may include appetite loss, chills, pain in the back or abdomen, headaches, lethargy, fever, and weight loss. Interestingly, you could have brucellosis even if your contact with a dog carrying the bacteria occurred months ago¹.
  2. Noroviruses: These viruses are one of the leading causes of diarrheal diseases among people. Noroviruses can survive in dogs and be passed along to humans. While infection isn’t likely, pets do carry germs that can make people sick. Transmission can occur through contaminated food, water bowls, surfaces, or direct contact with your dog’s feces. Even close snuggling or sharing a bed with your dog can pose a risk¹.

Remember to practice good hygiene, wash your hands thoroughly after handling your dog, and avoid touching your face after picking up their waste. Regular veterinary check-ups and preventive measures can help keep both you and your pet healthy! 🐶🤲🏼

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