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A Basic Guide to Real Time PCR in Microbial Diagnostics: Definitions, Parameters, and Everything

Real time PCR (quantitative PCR, qPCR) is now a well-established method for the detection, quantification, and typing of different microbial agents in the areas of clinical and veterinary diagnostics and food safety. Although the concept of PCR is relatively simple, there are specific issues in qPCR that developers and users of this technology must bear in mind. These include the use of correct terminology and definitions, understanding of the principle of PCR, difficulties with interpretation and presentation of data, the limitations of qPCR in different areas of microbial diagnostics and parameters important for the description of qPCR performance. It is not our intention in this review to describe every single aspect of qPCR design, optimization, and validation; however, it is our hope that this basic guide will help to orient beginners and users of qPCR in the use of this powerful technique.… Details


How COVID-19 impacts us?

Stay clear and clean everyday

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,
It has been more than 2 years after this COVID-19 pandemic, and a lot has been changed. At Ringbio, we devoted to provide you the best products and services that have been clean and clear from COVID-19. All our staff are vaccinated according to local regulations and have also been checked negative ever since the pandemic.

All our kits provided do not contain any contagious objects or dangers chemicals up to our knowledge. We also work close with local authorities and international recognition bodies to make sure our products meet both local and international regulatory requirements.

The world is small, and love and passion conect us together. At Ringbio, we believe in love.


Rapid test kit, reliable and fast tools for disease testing

The rapid test kit is a simple, fast, reliable, cheap device that can be used in the diagnosis or testing of certain diseases or infections. The main advantage is quite obvious.  For example, the COVID-19 antigen swab test kit is based on rapid testing technology, it can be used by professionals and non-professionals. It only needs 15min to tell you the result.

What is a Rapid test kit?

The scientific principle behind the scene is an immunoassay, more specifically, immunochromatography, a biochemical reaction that involves the antigen and its corresponding antibody. When an antigen ( such as a virus or external substance) attacks the body, the immune system will produce antibodies to prevent further damages that may occur. Because these antibodies are the virus/external substance triggered, they will capture the virus accurately.… Details


Health Tips For Children

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You Want Know About Doctor

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Improvement In Technology

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Get Better Dental with this Tips

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What is real-time PCR?

Quantitative PCR (qPCR), also called real-time PCR or quantitative real-time PCR, is a PCR-based technique that couples amplification of a target DNA sequence with quantification of the concentration of that DNA species in the reaction. This method enables calculation of the starting template concentration and is therefore a frequently used analytical tool in evaluating DNA copy number, viral load, SNP detection, and allelic discrimination. When preceded by reverse-transcription PCR, qPCR is a powerful tool to measure mRNA expression and is the gold standard for microarray gene expression data confirmation. Given the broad applications of qPCR and the many technical variations that have been developed, a brief survey of qPCR, including technical background, available chemistries, and data analysis techniques will provide a framework for both experimental design and evaluation.… Details