What are the uses of canine progesterone testing?

Canine progesterone testing is a precise laboratory technique that measures the levels of progesterone hormones in a female dog’s blood. Here’s why it’s essential for successful breeding:

  1. Optimal Mating Timing: Progesterone levels rise during the estrus cycle, which is the period of sexual receptivity in female dogs. By monitoring progesterone, breeders can identify the optimal time for mating. This precision is crucial for increasing the chances of conception and planning the timing for natural mating or artificial insemination.
  2. Accurate Whelping Date Estimation: Progesterone testing also helps in determining the whelping date. Breeders can reserve appropriate days on the calendar and even schedule a c-section (cesarean) weeks in advance based on this information¹²³.

In summary, canine progesterone testing ensures successful breeding outcomes by allowing breeders to make informed decisions about mating timing and whelping dates. 🐾

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