What are the signs of a dog infected with Canine Parvovirus(CPV)?

1.The symptoms of hemorrhagic enteritis

Enteritis-type canine parvovirus can damage the digestive system of dogs, damage the gastrointestinal mucosa of dogs, and cause hemorrhagic infection of the small intestinal mucosa. In the early stages of enteritis, dogs may be depressed, lose appetite, have a high temperature, have soft stools, or vomit. The feces of the newly sick dogs are grayish-yellow liquid, and after a period of time, the dogs discharge brown bloody stools with an unpleasant odor. In the later stages of the disease, dogs can become dehydrated, have sunken eye sockets, lose weight, and have cold extremities.

2. Symptoms of myocarditis

This type of disease is relatively rare and mainly affects the cardiothoracic health of dogs and attacks the heart muscle cells of dogs. Sick dogs are depressed, without warning, showing mild diarrhea, sudden weakness, difficulty breathing, rapid and weak heartbeat, and death from heart failure. In severe cases, death can occur within 24 hours.

Canine parvovirus(CPV) mainly harms the gut health of dogs, but it also affects white blood cells, so dogs infected with canine parvovirus(CPV) may have lifelong heart problems.