Key facts about dog and cat blood types

Here are the key facts about dog and cat blood types:

  1. Canine Blood Types:
    • Canine blood types are commonly referred to as Dog Erythrocyte Antigens (DEA), followed by a number.
    • At least a dozen DEA types are known, although currently we can only test for a few.
    • The DEA 1 system is the most clinically significant. Approximately 50% of all dogs are positive for the DEA 1.1 antigen.
    • Dogs can either be positive (the antigen is present on red cell surfaces) or negative (the antigen is missing).
    • Blood typing is crucial for improving the safety and efficacy of transfusions in dogs12.
  2. Feline Blood Types:

In summary, understanding blood types is crucial for veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners to ensure safe transfusions and prevent complications in both dogs and cats.

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