Are pet dog diseases contagious?

Canine parvovirus(CPV) is contagious to cats. Canine parvovirus disease, canine distemper and canine coronavirus disease are not zoonotic, so they cannot be transmitted to humans.

How is feline calicivirus(FCV) infection diagnosed?

Because calicivirus infection often occurs at the same time as infection with other pathogens, it is often difficult to diagnose based on clinical symptoms, so veterinarians usually use the following methods to confirm whether cats are infected with feline calicivirus:

What is feline calicivirus (FCV)?

Feline calicivirus(FCV) is a highly contagious disease caused by feline calicivirus infection. The virus can cause upper respiratory infections and a range of oral diseases in cats. In fact, FCV is responsible for more than 50% of respiratory infections in cats.