What is canine progesterone testing?

Canine progesterone testing is a blood test that measures the levels of progesterone in a female dog’s blood. It is the most accurate tool for predicting the best time to breed ¹. The test is used to determine when a female dog is ovulating and ready to breed. The first progesterone test should be done five or six days after the onset of estrus, to establish a baseline. If the number is very low, you might wait a few days before the next test, but once it starts moving up it should be tested every other day ¹. Ovulation is thought to take place when the level is 5 ng/ml (nanogram per milliliter) and this is a good time for breeding with fresh semen, naturally or by vaginal AI ¹. Once the level begins to rise steadily, your vet may be able to predict that it will be at the right place in a couple of days. Progesterone testing is also necessary should a C-section be necessary or when the bitch is close to term and survival of the puppies, even the bitch herself, might be in question ¹.

Progesterone testing is a valuable tool for breeders to ensure the best chance of pregnancy. Experienced dog breeders are aware of the value of progesterone testing. It is recognized that in the dog up to 75% of failures to conceive can be attributed to incorrect timing of breeding ². While mother nature knows a lot, and the bitch’s signals should never be ignored, not taking advantage of the technology available with progesterone testing is a mistake ¹.

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