What are the common viral infectious diseases in dogs?

Here’s a concise overview of common viral infectious diseases in dogs:

  1. Canine Influenza:
  • Similar to human influenza, but it’s a separate strain that doesn’t infect humans.
  • Symptoms include runny nose, loss of energy, lack of appetite, eye discharge, fever, and persistent cough.
  • Severity varies, and some dogs may recover on their own, while others could develop secondary bacterial infections leading to pneumonia and increased mortality¹.
  1. Canine Parainfluenza:
  • Highly contagious and distinct from canine influenza.
  • Symptoms resemble those of canine influenza: persistent harsh cough, fever, and nasal discharge.
  • Can weaken the immune system, making additional infections more likely¹.
  1. Parvovirus:
  • Common and often fatal.
  • Transmitted through contact with infected feces, saliva, or contaminated objects.
  • Targets the stomach and small intestines, causing cell destruction and disrupting gut function.
  • Puppies (6 weeks to 6 months old) are most susceptible.
  • Symptoms include lethargy, weight loss, weakness, and bloody diarrhea¹.
  1. Rabies:
  • Transmitted through bites from infected animals.
  • Symptoms include seizures, paralysis, aggression, and lack of coordination.
  • Rapid treatment is crucial, as rabies is usually fatal².
  1. Distemper:
  • Spread through contact with secretions from an infected dog’s nose.
  • Causes pneumonia and seizures.
  • Vaccination is essential to prevent distemper².
  1. Hepatitis (Adenovirus):
  • Virus found in feces and saliva.
  • Symptoms include fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Aggressive fluid therapy is crucial, but prevention through vaccination is the best approach².

Remember to consult your veterinarian promptly if you notice any concerning symptoms in your furry companion. Early detection and appropriate treatment can significantly improve their chances of recovery! 🐾🐶.

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