How to treat a dog infected with Canine Distemper Virus(CDV)?

There is no cure for canine distemper. However, veterinarians can use some supportive treatments to prescribe the right medicine for the dog’s symptoms, reduce secondary infections, and alleviate clinical symptoms.

1. Use antiviral drugs. Reduce the proliferation of viruses in dogs.

2. Use spectrum antibiotics. While some antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, they are effective in treating secondary infections in dogs.

3. If the dog has severe diarrhea and vomiting, the electrolyte balance needs to be supplemented by intravenous infusion, and probiotics can be appropriately supplemented.

4. If the dog has neurological problems with epilepsy, it needs to be monitored in hospital and take anti-epileptic drugs.

If your dog is suspected of being sick, you should see a veterinarian immediately. With aggressive treatment of canine distemper in the early stages of diagnosis, your dog can recover, but the animal’s neurological symptoms will persist.