How to prevent dogs from contracting Canine Coronavirus(CCoV)?

1. Get vaccinated. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent dog diseases. This vaccine is not recommended for all dogs and will be administered by a veterinarian based on your dog’s lifestyle and risk assessment.

2. Improve the immunity of dogs. Through outdoor exercise, it can promote the blood circulation of the dog, strengthen the metabolism, and improve the physique. Feed dog food and nutritional cream to supplement nutrition and improve immunity. Deworming regularly to prevent the decline of immunity caused by parasitic infections.

3. Ensure that the environment is clean and warm. Keep the home environment clean, give the dog a clean and soft kennel, do a good job of keeping warm, and clean and disinfect regularly.

4. Timely isolation. After the dog is in contact with the sick dog, it is promptly sent to the hospital to diagnose whether it is infected with the virus.

5. Regular disinfection. Since CCoV has weak resistance to the environment, dog toys should be regularly soaked in boiling water, which can effectively remove the virus. In addition, the home environment can be cleaned with oxidants and bleach to protect the dog’s health.