How to diagnose if a dog has Canine Coronavirus(CCov)? 

1. Rapid test kits. This method uses colloidal gold antigen detection method to detect CCoV antigen in dog nasal mucus, saliva, conjunctival secretion and blood. The operation is simple and fast, and the result can be obtained in 5-10 minutes. At Ringbio, we also have CCoV Antigen Rapid Test Card, which can be used to test for antigen. However, false negatives may occur in the case of low viral content and poor activity. Pet owners can buy test kits and test by themselves, and the results can be used as a reference.

2. ELISA test kit. Using the principle of antigen-antibody, the double-antibody sandwich method was used to detect the antigen content. The method has strong specificity, strong sensitivity and good stability.

3. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). PCR technology is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification technology that amplifies a very small amount of nucleic acid template under the action of thermostable DNA polymerase and specific primers. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, strong specificity and high accuracy.

4. Quantitative real-time PCR. The combination of PCR detection and fluorescent signal has higher sensitivity, accurate quantification, strong specificity, and low pollution, but requires high operating technology and expensive equipment, which is more suitable for quarantine units, customs and large pet hospitals. At Ringbio, we provide CCoV Real Time PCR Kit, which can be used to test for the deserved gene of CCoV, which is helpful for diagnosis, monitoring and epidemiological investigation of CCoV.