How to determine if a dog has occult blood in his feces?

Fecal occult blood refers to small quantities of blood in a dog’s stool that can’t be seen with the naked eye. It might come from various parts of the digestive tract, including the mouth, stomach, intestines, or rectum. Detecting occult blood is crucial because even minor bleeding can lead to anemia if left untreated. To check for it, veterinarians perform a simple, non-invasive test. They collect a fresh stool sample and place it on a special testing material. If hemoglobin in the blood reacts, causing a visible color change, occult blood is present. However, this test isn’t foolproof; uneven blood distribution or intermittent bleeding can affect accuracy. Diet matters too—feeding raw or under-cooked meat may yield false positives. If your dog’s stools appear dark, place them on absorbent white paper to check for abnormal signs¹².

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