How can dogs be prevented from contracting Canine Distemper Virus(CDV)?

1. Get vaccinated. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent canine distemper. The canine distemper virus vaccine is given as a combination vaccine, which is usually part of a combination vaccine such as DHPP,DHPPL,DHPPLC, etc.

  • Inoculation time of DHPP/DHPPL/DHPPLC combination vaccine :

First dose of vaccine at 6-8 weeks;

Second dose of vaccine at 9-11 weeks;

A third dose of the vaccine at 12-14 weeks;

A fourth dose of the vaccine is given at 16-17 weeks, followed by an additional dose every year.

Figure 1.Puppy Vaccination Schedule

2. Improve the dog’s immunity: you can enhance your dog’s blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, and improve physical fitness by enhancing outdoor sports. Feed dog food and nutritional cream to supplement nutrition and improve immunity. In addition to this, you need to deworm regularly to prevent parasitic infections from causing your pet’s immunity to decline.

3. Living place: keep the home environment clean, give the dog a clean and soft kennel, do a good job of keeping warm and regularly clean and disinfect.

4. Timely isolation. After the dog comes into contact with the sick dog, it is promptly sent to the hospital to diagnose whether it is infected with canine distemper. In case of infection, canine distemper monoclonal antibody and canine distemper hyperimmune serum should be injected in time.

5. Regular disinfection. Canine distemper virus(CDV) has weak resistance to the environment, so dog toys should be regularly soaked in boiling water, which can effectively remove the virus on the surface. In addition, the home environment can be wiped with 3% sodium hydroxide solution, 3% formaldehyde solution and bleach, which can effectively clean and protect the health of dogs.