Can parvo be treated without a vet?

Can parvo be treated without a vet?

If you are at home, you can find a regular channel to buy a Canine Parvo Test Kit, insert a cotton swab into the dog’s anus and turn it around a few times, it is best to scrape it on the intestinal wall. After mixing in the reagent, just drop it on the detection plate, and the two bars are positive. If it means that the dog has got canine parvo.

You can buy a sub-Q kit, that is to keep puppy from getting dehydrated. If giving sub-Q fluids, make sure you warm them to body temperature. To do this, place the bag in a warm bowl of water for 10 minutes or so. To check the temperature, drop a few drops from the needle on your wrist. You don’t want to burn your pup.

Get Control of Your Puppy’s Diarrhea. Diarrhea can also cause fluid loss and dehydration. You need to buy some medicine for diarrhea. If you don’t have veterinary guidance, they will tell you how to use it when you buy it.

You also want to watch your puppy for low blood sugar. The simplest way to check his blood sugar levels is to look at the color of his gums. Normal gums should be a nice pink color. Some dogs have brown or black gums, but there should still be some color. White or pale gums mean his sugar level is low. To boost your puppy’s blood sugar, rub molasses on his gums every hour. You should notice an improvement in his gum color and energy level.

You should also buy antibiotics. Give your puppy antibiotics to prevent continued infection in the puppy.