Toxoplasma gondii, Leptospira, Giardia lamblia and Rickettsia RT-PCR Kit

Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular parasitic protozoan that causes toxoplasmosis. Found worldwide, T. gondii is capable of infecting virtually all warm-blooded animals, but felids are the only known definitive hosts in which the parasite may undergo sexual reproduction.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira. In humans, it can cause a wide range of symptoms, some of which may be mistaken for other diseases. Some infected persons, however, may have no symptoms at all. Giardia duodenalis, also known as Giardia intestinalis and Giardia lamblia, is a flagellated parasitic microorganism of the genus Giardia that colonizes the small intestine, causing a diarrheal condition known as giardiasis.

Rickettsiae are a diverse collection of obligately intracellular Gram-negative bacteria found in ticks, lice, fleas, mites, chiggers, and mammals. These zoonotic pathogens cause infections that disseminate in the blood to many organs.

This kit uses fluorescence probe PCR (RT-PCR) method to detect the deserved gene of Toxoplasma gondii, Leptospira, Giardia lamblia and Rickettsia, which is helpful for diagnosis, monitoring and epidemiological investigation of Toxoplasma gondii, Leptospira, Giardia lamblia and Rickettsia.

Product details

Product codePZ1036
Unit Size6tests
PrincipleReal time PCR
PerformanceThis kit is 100% specific, and sensitivity is >99%
Standard ComponentsThis kit includes:
- PCR reaction mix suit 6 suits
- Negative control 1 tube (120 μl/tube)
- Manual 1 piece
Other Information