NB1600 Real-time thermocycler, RT-PCR Cycler

NB1600 Real-time PCR cycler (RT-PCR Cycler) is an innovative new reading system for real-time fluorescence PCR testing. It has built-in software and calculation function, which can be used in veterinary labs, vet clinics and food labs. Compared with other desktop PCR cyclers, this device is more light-weight, and more portable. It is the next generation PCR cycler.

Main features of this Real-time PCR cycler, RT PCR Cycler

  • Dual-channel design with 8 wells per each
  • Suitable for 2 different assays
  • Functional software for quantitative analysis
  • Portable with DC/AC power support
  • 7inch touch screen
  • 20Gb flash drive for more info storage
  • WIFI/USB connection

Technical details

Product codeNB1600
Unit Size1set
PerformanceThis reader is applicable for all Flexy real-time PCR tests
Standard ComponentsThis kit includes: Reader, 1set, power source link, 1set, instruction, 1set
Other Information

This reader can work with PC to store and print the result directly.