Feline Infectious peritonitis virus(FIPV) Real Time PCR Kit

Feline infectious peritonitis virus(FIPV) is caused by infection with a virus known as feline coronavirus. Coronaviruses are a common group of viruses that often infect the upper respiratory tract or gastrointestinal tract in different animals.

This kit uses fluorescence probe PCR (RT-PCR) method to detect the conserved gene of FIPV, which is helpful for diagnosis, monitoring and epidemiological investigation of FIPV.

Product details

Product codePZ1007
Unit Size8tests
PrincipleReal time PCR
PerformanceThis kit is 100% specific, and sensitivity is >99%
Standard ComponentsThis kit includes:
- PCR reaction mix, 1 tube
- Enzyme mix, 1 tube
- Negative control, 1 tube
- Lysis solution, 7 tube
- Manual, 1 piece
Other Information