Feline Calicivirus(FCV) Ag Rapid Test Kit

The kit is based on sandwich immunochromatographic assay to detect feline calicivirus (FCV) antigen in saliva, nose swab and eye conjunctiva secreta, which is rapid, accurate and easy-to-operate.

Product details

Product codeC11391
Unit Size15tests per box
PrincipleLateral flow rapid tests
PerformanceThis kit is 100% specific, and sensitivity is >99%
Standard ComponentsThis kit includes:
- Test Cassette, 15 pcs
- Swabs, 15 pcs
- Sample buffer, 15 pcs
- Disposable pipette, 15 pcs
- Kit instruction, 1 pc
Other Information

This kit is not registered in Ministry of Agriculture, thus it is only available for sale out of China