Canine Toxoplasma Antibody ELISA Kit

Toxoplasmosis is caused by Toxoplasma gondii, a protozoan parasite that infects humans and other warmblooded animals. It is found worldwide. In dogs, a generalized infection may occur as the parasites travel through the body and invade the tissues.

The canine toxoplasma antibody ELISA kit is designed to detect toxoplasma specific antibody in canine serum/plasma. The 96well microtiter plate was pre-coated with recombinant toxoplasma protein. This kit can be used to monitor dog toxoplasma infection.

Product details

Product codePZ5031
Unit Size96tests
PerformanceThis kit is 100% specific, and sensitivity is 95%
Standard ComponentsThis kit includes:
- Microplate pre-coated with recombinant antigen, 96tests
- Positive Control, 1.5ml
- Negative Control, 1.5ml
- HRP enzyme conjugate, 12ml
- TMB substrate, 12ml
- 20X Wash buffer, 20ml
- Sample buffer, 30ml
- Kit instruction manual, 1set
Other Information