Canine Parvovirus(CPV) Antibody ELISA Kit

The CPV antibody ELISA kit is designed to detect CPV specific antibody in canine serum/plasma. The 96well microtiter plate was pre-coated with recombinant CPV protein. This CPV antibody ELISA kit can be used to detect CPV specific antibody level in canine serum/plasma.

Product details

Product code PZ5008
Unit Size96tests
PerformanceThis kit is 100% specific, and sensitivity is 95%
Standard ComponentsThis kit includes:
- Microplate pre-coated with recombinant antigen, 96tests
- Positive Control, 1.5ml
- Negative Control, 1.5ml
- HRP enzyme conjugate, 12ml
- TMB substrate, 12ml
- 20X Wash buffer, 20ml
- Sample buffer, 30ml
- Kit instruction manual, 1set
Other Information

This kit is not registered in the Ministry of Agriculture, thus it is only available for sale out of China.